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Saturday 8th October 2005 would have been a normal day in Kashmir had it not been for one of the most powerful earthquakes to hit the region.

It was the holy month of Ramadan and everyday routines were temporarily put-on hold for the annual fasts. Shops opened their doors later than usual, as children studied and played while counting down the days to the celebration of Eid. It was the day that hundreds of villages were destroyed, and thousands of lives were unexpectedly cut short.

Official figures from Pakistan show that 87,350 people lost their lives that weekend as they slept in following the pre-dawn Ramadan breakfast. Over 19,000 children were crushed under school buildings that had collapsed on top them while they sat in class. At least 38,000 people sustained life changing injuries, and almost 3.5 million people fled their homes to seek refuge from the terrifying aftershocks.

Human cost aside, the economic devastation that befell Azad Kashmir that morning was a massive setback for the region. Pictures of the disaster were circulated around the globe and within a few hours thousands of people responded generously with the same compassion they had shown to the Boxing Day tsunami victims of Indonesia just 11 months earlier.

A group of friends including Ch. Mohammed Akhtar from UK were amongst the international TV viewing audience who felt compelled to act. Thanks to the generosity of their families, friends, and local communities, they raised over £118,000 in just five days to provide tents, blankets, food, and medicine for the worst affected areas.

Whilst they were at the scenes of devastation, they came across a group of children heading down a mountain with fear and anxiety on their faces. They had filthy clothes, no footwear and were hungry for food.

When asked about their situation, the children said they were survivors from the mountain villages who witnessed their families being killed and had their homes destroyed by the earthquake. They were told by surviving village elders to go and seek refuge in the main cities as there was no future for them in the villages anymore.

It was this experience that led Ch. Mohammed Akhtar and his friends to start a charity called Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT), to offer long term support for orphans.

We believe that it is the right of every child to be protected, taken care of physically, psychologically, and emotionally, and these rights do not change when children become orphans.

The first group of children we supported in late 2005 were traumatised. It took time for some children who were affected by the deadly earthquake to emotionally recover. Many children came from remote mountain villages and therefore were below the national education standard for their age. This is when we aimed for emphasis on education to make sure we give them the best possible chance to become self-sufficient and succeed in the future.

In 2006, plans were made to build a purpose-built home for orphaned children where they can prosper through loving care and quality education. After many meetings and requests, the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir donated 13 acres of land to KORT in 2007 to build a purpose built complex for orphans.

With the blessings of the Almighty and the generous support of our donors, and after 8 years of blood, sweat and tears, the construction of the KORT Educational & Residential Complex was completed in 2016. This complex consists of a school for up to 1,500 orphan children, a separate building which includes laundry, cooking and dining facilities where up to 600 orphan children can dine at one time, separate hostels for 500 orphan girls and 500 orphan boys, and an onsite Mosque for 1500 worshippers that has washroom and ablution facilities for disabled people.

The orphaned children in our care have now developed into confident individuals who can enjoy life all over again. If you wish to donate direct to Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust, please click the link for donate www.kort.org.uk for more details.



We are fundraising for cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information. Their vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured, from the most common types to those that affect just a few people. Cancer poses a huge and growing challenge, with the number of people around the world who receive a diagnosis each year expected to rise dramatically, from 18.1 million in 2018 to 29.5 million by 2040.

In the 1970s, less than a quarter of people in the UK with cancer survived. But over the last 40 years, survival has doubled – today half will survive their cancer beyond 10 years. Their ambition is to accelerate progress and, by 2034, see three-quarters of people surviving the disease for ten years or more. They are pioneering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, as well as finding ways to optimise treatment. The infrastructure they have created for scientists enables world class research, and they engage and empower patients, policymakers and the public to make sure advances in research have a positive impact. None of their life-saving work would be possible without the strength of our fundraising and our outstanding people –our supporters, volunteers, staff, and people affected by cancer. Our ambition is to see 3 in 4 people surviving cancer for 10 years or more by 2034. I sincerely believe that, together, we will still beat cancer. We continue to do all we can to tackle cancer. Everyone can help by donating just few pennies A day. its 100% Donation Policy, So Yes 100% of your donations will go directly to Cancer Research UK PO Box 1561, Oxford. OX4 9GZ Contact No. 0300 123 1022. 


In Azad Kashmir and Pakistan, #COVID19 poses an additional threat to the poor people who depend on daily wages to put food on the table for their families. Those who used to earn a living as domestic laborers, shopkeepers, and street vendors have lost their jobs and are forced to stay at home.
They need to be protected, too, from the virus and from the threat of starvation. We at Help The Humanity, with the help of our families and volunteers, have been preparing groceries for 100 families and the reliefs are good for a month. Our team is ready to start the distribution of food at the doorsteps of our identified vulnerable families, especially in Azad Kashmir.
Now with your support, our target is to reach and help 500 more families in desperate need, including communities that are already struggling against poverty and deprivation. We at Help the Humanity are aiming to alleviate the burden of these families. Give your zakat and charity now to urgently support those who cannot leave home during this sudden difficult situation. To save lives, we need more funds. Donate now to help us reach further and faster. 


There are hungry children that are waiting for a morsel to fill their hungry stomachs. Feeding even one such child is sure to earn you the blessings and the rewards that will count even when you are not here physically.
On an average 1 in 4 kids in the world suffer from stunted growth due to acute malnutrition. Poverty, lack of fostered help and sheer apathy are the main reasons behind this pathetic condition. These children do not get even one complete meal a day. The morsels that they get are depleted of nutrition that they need. At times, they are forced to consume spoilt food collected from what has been thrown away.
Every cent that we receive for the cause, is channelized to buy food for starving children in our mission land. Our aim is to provide every child that we can reach out to with adequate food with nutrition. This will help promote a healthy generation and thus a healthy future. Only a healthy body can support a healthy mind. Such a mind, in turn, will help build a better world.
Apart from children, millions of adults to put up with hunger every day. They have been forced to go without food for several days at a stretch. The result is degeneration of the human body and loss of potential human resources. Forced to beg or scavenge for food, they often either starve to death or due to allied diseases. Come, be a part of our team that is feeding the hungry and impoverished!


Millions of children around the globe are without both parents and more without one. These are the most vulnerable members of the society and at the risk of all ills and evils. They are alone, without food, shelter or clothing and without any kind of protection and care. Tender of age, they are both physically and mentally vulnerable. Often out of school, subject to exploitation and trafficking, their lives turn into hell. Hungry, frightened and lonely, these children are in need of help, desperately.
War, strife, poverty and increasing ills of the world are rendering more children Orphans. Each day their numbers only keep adding making the situation more desperate. It is the lack of their education and fostering that is making the situation worse. As these innocent lives face a life of hardship without proper education, many are forced to take up evil ways. Supporting them with proper education for a bright future is one of the main thrusts of our mission.


Imagine a lifetime of being confined to your room, dependent on others to move even short distances? Unfortunately, this is the reality for thousands of disadvantaged people with disabilities across the world.

Your donation will bring the joy of mobility and independence to disabled and elderly people, by providing them with either a wheelchair or, if their condition is treatable, free medical care and physical therapy. 

Millions of people are currently facing severe disability discrimination across the globe, especially in developing countries where there is a lack of education. Many physically disabled people don’t have the resources to buy the wheelchair that is appropriate for their needs. You can aid one of the 30 million people currently struggling to adapt to an uncompromising society in Pakistan and without your support, more people will continue to be deprived of the help they deserve.

Your donation towards a wheelchair will have the following impact on a beneficiary: they are able to integrate into society by attending school, going to work, becoming a productive citizen of the community and improve the quality of their lives; those who are bedridden are also given the gift of mobility; their self-confidence is improved; they have a much more positive mind-set; not only the recipient in need feels the hardship of immobility, but also the family, friends, and community are impacted; and they are given a sense of freedom.


Each child born in this world deserves total love, care and protection. Unfortunately, millions of children do not have one or worse both parents. They need the support of a strong helping hand that can guide and shape their future. Education is the core strength of any society and women have a prominent role to play in it. She will be in a position to use her mental and intellectual faculties to the fullest. This, in turn, will help in resolving the problems of her family more confidently and stand as an example to her children.

Help the Humanity organisation particularly focus on improving education to access to girls, orphans and children from poor families. Millions of women and girls living in the developing world do not have access to this basic rights. By removing the barriers to education we can help girls prepare for the future, training women to have the skills they need to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities.

Tuesday 9 October 2012 was like any other school day for 14-year old Malala Yousufzai. But Malala is no ordinary teenager and shortly after boarding the bus home things changed dramatically, she was gunned down by Taliban fighters who also injured two of her friends, Shazia Ramzan and Kainat Ahmed. She remains in a critical condition while Shazia and Kainat thankfully appear to be on the way to recovery. The attack sparked outrage among many Pakistanis, who gathered in several cities for anti-Taliban protests and held prayers for the girl’s recovery. Taliban spokesperson has claimed Malala was targeted for ‘promoting western culture’ and for being ‘secular’. They intended to shoot her dead.

“I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All I want is education. And I’m afraid of no one. ”Said Malala Yousafzai

In the days immediately following the attack, she remained unconscious and in critical condition, Surgeons in Pakistan fought for days to save her life, removing a bullet from her neck, but later her condition improved enough for her to be sent to a hospital in the United Kingdom for intensive rehabilitation. The 14-year-old is being flown from Pakistan and treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in central England, which has a major trauma centre specialising in treating severe gunshot wounds, major head injuries and road accident victims. It is also home to the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, the primary receiving unit for military casualties returning from overseas. Thanks for the government of the United Kingdom for saving Malala`s life.



Water is the basic need for all living beings and more importantly for humans to sustain and grow quality lives. However, this water has become a luxury for a large number of people that suffer from acute water scarcity. Apart from the drinking water crisis, there is not a drop to help them maintain a hygienic lifestyle even less to cultivate and grow crops for living and maintaining a decent livelihood.
Millions of people walk for mile barefoot to collect a pitcher of water to drink and then walk back home with it. Statistics reveal that on an average the African and Asian women walk 3 hours to collect drinking water. Clean water is a rare commodity for such people that are mostly subject to sub-human conditions due to the lack of it. Even in an age when science is foraying into space in search of new life, there is the lack of this basic necessity on the different parts of the planet to support life.
You can make this difference by Help the Humanity help to provide clean water to millions by making a donation to our cause. This way you will be helping save thousands of children that die suffering due to diseases from waterborne diseases. Diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera are the biggest killers that claim one child’s life in every 90 seconds.
Several parts of the world have water resources that are totally contaminated. Humanity Help is actively carrying out projects that Make the Water Fit for Human Consumption and Life. We need your generous contribution for these multi-million pounds project to sustain and grow.


Sponsor an orphan and gather the rewards of Ramadan. In this month of tremendous blessings, the rewards for your gift of sponsorship will be multiplied up to 700 times and more. Indeed, being kind to and looking after an orphan is a great act of generosity encouraged by the Prophet (peace be upon him) who said:
“I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle fingers together. [Bukhari]


There is too much of misery, disparity, hunger, poverty and illiteracy taking a toll on the lives of the young and the old. It is time that you join hands with us in our mission to turn around the situation.
We are passionately involved with all that we do. Read, explore and learn about the work that we are involved with. We are reaching out to those in need in different parts of the world and are connected to people and organisations globally. You too can be a part of any of our noble missions and extend your helping hand.
Get inspired by some of the real-life stories that we share through our blog posts. Interact with us by replying or liking our posts. All this will help us reach out to a larger number of people, thus saving and protecting more lives. It will surely help you feel and become more human.


Though all earthly activities end with death on earth, for a believer in Islam, the rewards of the good deeds done during the lifetime are carried after death to the next world. Sadaqah Jariah or Continuous Charity or Alms are the benefits that you and I will earn in our next lives for doing good works here and now. The Sadaqah is a completely voluntary act that makes the rewards more meaningful.
The tents of Islam clearly indicate that giving a human being the tools and gears to enable her or him to fend for the family and the self is one of the best ways to earn the eternal rewards. This is the main reason that charity holds such a high place in Islam, giving each believer the chance to enjoy the continual rewards in the next life.

At Help The Humanity, every penny that you donate is channelized to the host of ongoing projects that we have across the globe. There are millions that will receive the benefits of your donation living a better life with dignity, increasing the count of your Sadaqah Jariah.


Get inspired by some of the real-life stories that we share through our blog posts. Interact with us by repling or liking our posts. All this will help us reach out to a larger number of people, thus saving and protecting more lives. It will surely help you feel and become more human.